Interested in joining the Kim lab?  Click here for quick tips on how to contact me for both grad school and undergrad opportunities. In general, sending me a cover letter describing your research interests, unofficial copies of transcripts, and CV are enough to get the conversation going! For specific opportunities, see below.

Prospective graduate students and postdocs

I currently do not have funding for graduate students and postdocs. Please come back to this site when opportunities become available. I am happy to help write fellowships such as the USDA postdoctoral fellowships (closed for 2021), NSF postdoctoral fellowship (closed for 2021), and  L’Oreal Postdoctoral Women in Science fellowship (closed for 2021) and the Smith Conservation Postdoctoral Fellowship (closed for 2021), and NSF GRFP (closed for 2021).

Undergraduate helpers:

I am currently looking for undergraduate students interested in participating in the following projects during the fall and winter semesters.

1 . Insect movement responses in artificial lab landscapes.  

Picture1 Picture3   

2. Habitat fragmentation effects on insect biodiversity using field experiments.


frag piccarabid-Lebia-grandis 


3. Insect pollinator and predator inventory in grassland and agricultural landscapes