Courses @

Kansas State University

  • Economic Entomology (Undergraduate course, faculty instructor)
  • Insect Ecology (Graduate course, faculty instructor)

Swarthmore College

  • Organismal and Population Biology (Undergraduate course,faculty instructor)
  • Ecology (Undergraduate course, faculty instructor)

University of Wisconsin

  • Insect Ecology (Guest lecturer, graduate course)
  • NSF Research Experience for Teachers (faculty mentor)

Florida State University

  • Conservation Biology (Lecture and lab teaching assistant)
  • General Ecology (teaching assistant)
  • Plant Biology (lecturer and lab coordinator)
  • Insect Ecology Experimental Biology (teaching assistant)
  • Plant Biology (lab coordinator, teaching assistant)
  • Experimental Biology in Foraging Ecology (teaching assistant)
  • General Biological Science Laboratory (teaching assistant)

University of Florida 

  • Integrative Principles in Biology (lecturer)
  • Integrative principles in Biology Laboratory (teaching assistant)
  • General Ecology (teaching assistant)
  • Integrative Principles in Biology Laboratory (teaching assistant)


Undergraduate mentoring

  • Paige Connor (2019). Grazing and fire effects on the abundance of pollinators in tallgrass prairies. Currently a sophomore at K-State.
  • Weston Ahles (2019). Does insect movement facilitate feeding in lady beetles? Implications for biocontrol services. Currently a sophomore at K-State.
  • Madison Lofing (2018). Do honey bees prefer composite flowers? Currently a senior at Kansas State University.
  • Ethan Chapman (2018). Local and landscape composition effects on leaf-litter ants in Puerto Rico. Currently a junior at Swarthmore College.
  • William Sandvold (2017). The influence of density and resource quality on biases in sex-ratios of bean beetles. Currently a sophomore at UW.
  • Savannah Bartel (2015-2016). The effects of grassland harvesting on ant communities and trophic position using stable isotope approaches. Currently a PhD student at UW.
  • Caitlin Bergstrom (2014). The effects of harvesting on the abundances of two ant species, Formica montana and creightoni. Currently at ICF International, Washington, DC.
  • Alexandria Wenninger (2013). The influence of plant morphology on pollinator visitation rates, seed set, and seed predation on Rudbeckia hirta and Verbena stricta. Currently a MS student at University of Alaska-Fairbanks.
  • Arsalan Arshad (2011). The effects of plant quality and herbivore density on the distribution and foraging behaviors of herbivores (Spodoptera exigua). Currently a medical student at FSU.
  • Alexandra Marsh (2011). The effects of plant frequency and density on predator and herbivore colonization rates. Currently teaching English in Korea.
  • Jessica Stanfield (2009). Latitudinal variation in plant palatability and herbivore preference in two perennial plants, Solanum carolinense and Solidago altissima.  Currently a lab technician at Advanced Environmental Labs Inc. in Tampa, FL.
  • Ordom Huot (2009). The effects of dispersed and concentrated herbivore damage on induced resistance in Solanum carolinense. Current a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M.
  • Ryan Eckert (2008-2009). Associational resistance among genotypes of Solanum carolinense.  Currently a research scientist at Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, TX